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Snuggle up, turn down the lights and watch storybooks come to life with Moonlite!

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Storybooks project from your mobile device

Moonlite is an easy-to-use storybook projector for your mobile phone, that turns your child's favorite storybooks into an immersive and magical experience.

With vivid projections, sound effects and background music, watch storybooks come to life.

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Storytime is a time that bonds children and parents and creates forever memories that are passed on generation to generation. Hear from real parents how Moonlite adds to this timeless tradition in a new and engaging way.

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… both parents and children will enjoy Moonlite for contrasting reasons. But it’s the uniting of different generations around the ancient art of storytelling that is possibly the biggest strenght and the reason for its mass appeal.
- Niel Hughes, TheNextWeb

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