Welcome! Let's learn how to use your Moonlite...

What's included in your Moonlite package

Every Moonlite kit comes with a projector, story reels and an activation code card. We will get to know all of these parts and how they work! First, remove your Moonlite device from the package.


Peel of the protective film

Flip the Moonlite projector over. To activate the nanosuction material on the backside of the Moonlite projector, you will need to peel off the protective film. It is indicated with an arrow on the back side of your projector. The nanosuction material is what helps keep your Moonlite stay attached to your phone.


Get the Activation Code card from your package

Get the activation code card from your package. You will need this to unlock the stories within the Moonlite app. Did you know? The Moonlite package was designed to be reusable and to be used as a storage case for your Moonlite and accessories.


Key parts of Moonlite

Moonlite is simple to use. Let's get to know the parts. On the front side of the projector you will find the lens. Turn this clockwise or counterclockwise to focus your image.


Meet our universal clip

Our clip was designed to work with 90% of smartphones. On the backside of the clip you will find a bullseye. You will use this bullseye to line up your Moonlite projector to the flashlight. We will explain this further down.

Download the Moonlite app to begin your magical reading experience!

Visit the Google Play or Apple app store to download the Moonlite app.

Download instructions


Unlock stories in the app

To unlock your stories within the app, flip over your activation code card to get your unique unlock code. Within the Moonlite app, press the unlock icon on the bottom, left-hand side of the screen. Enter in your 10-digit code to unlock your stories.

Let's get reading! Insert a story reel into Moonlite

The story reels easily slide into the Moonlite projector. There is an arrow on every story reel, indicating the story's first image. Insert the story reel with the arrow pointed towards the lens. There is also a moon-shaped pattern on every reel. This pattern should be completely hidden by the moon on the projector.


Clip Moonlite onto your phone

Moonlite sits right over the flashlight of your phone. To align it perfectly to your phone's flashlight, open up a story within the Moonlite app. You will see a pulsing bullseye. Line up the bullseye on the back-side of your clip to the one on the screen of your phone. And voila - now you are projecting!


Next, focus the projected image

If you see a blurry image while projecting, please be sure to turn the lens barrel clockwise or counterclockwise until you see a clear image.


Be sure that the projected image matches the starter image in the app

When you open a story in the Moonlite app, you will see a 'starter image.' This image is the first storybook image. Make sure you are projecting this image BEFORE you begin reading.


Turn the reel then swipe the page

To advance in the story, turn the reel counterclockwise and swipe left on the screen of your phone.


Remember to swipe left to continue reading

After you turn the story reel, you will need to swipe the page on screen to continue reading. You will always see a note at the bottom of every page reminding you to swipe the screen to continue reading.


Moonlite automatically operates in nightshift mode

We designed Moonlite to be soothing and calming, which is why we operate in nightshift mode. If you would like to turn Nightshift mode on/off, just click the light icon on the bottom left within any story.

Kids playing with Moonlite

Brightness and sound effect controls

Adjust projection brightness

Click on the light icon on the bottom left of any story to adjust both screen & projection brightness

Turn sound effects on/off

Circled words within stories represent sound effects. If you do not want to include sound effects, click on the sound icon on the bottom right of any story to turn on/off sound effects

Turn background music on/off

Every Moonlite story contains light, soothing background music. To turn background music on/off, click on the sound icon on the bottom right of any story to adjust


Use page turn software to turn pages

Want to add a little more magic to your Moonlite experience? Turn 'page turn gestures' on in your Settings. To use this, tilt your phone to the left to advance a page and to the right to go back a page.


Share your stories with other family members

To share your story library so that all parents & guardians can read to your little one, click on 'Settings' in the Moonlite app > Share my stories. Enter up to 3 e-mail addresses.

Browse our store within the app and purchase new stories

You will notice a shopping cart icon on the bottom left in the Moonlite app. Click on this to browse our newest titles and products!

Kids playing with Moonlite

Store your story reels!

Every reel compartment in the Moonlite packaging was designed to hold up to 2 reels. So, the Gift Pack can hold up to 9 story reels and the Starter Pack holds up to 5 reels.