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Video of a mother projecting a story book from Moonlite Collection
Blonde mom reads a Moonlite book with her blonde daughter sitting in her lap

Our Wonder Wall

It started with puppies, birds, and bunnies.

My daughter Chloe’s favorite bedtime ritual is playing shadow puppets. A while back I started using the flashlight from my mobile phone and we used our hands to make up stories.

Chloe would light up every night at storytime. She loved using her imagination to make our stories come alive on the wall.

But I knew we could make nighttimes even more magical.

Blonde mom smiles as she projects the Moonlight image onto the ceiling. Her daughter points toward it.

Mobile Magic

I scoured the internet, searching for some kind of projector device, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

So like any diligent engineer, I decided to make it myself.

I wanted an all-in-one storytelling device that anyone could use, on any phone.

So I created our mini projector that attaches to any phone. I leveraged the flash from the phone to project images onto a wall or ceiling. Then I designed storybook reels to insert into the projector. Finally I made an app, so that parents can have the words for every title and read books aloud to their children.

When I brought all the parts together, Moonlite was born!

Happy toddler looking at a story, while mom and dad sit next to her
illustration of moonlite projector

Why Moonlite?

The magic of Moonlite is simple – it’s the experience of reading together. Tablets are a staple for many families, but digital books can be overstimulating for growing children, and leave little room for imagination. Moonlite bridges the gap between traditional and digital books. Our playful projections, vivid sound effects, and read-a-long features make this multisensory storytime a delight. We’re here to help you create imagination-filled, interactive bedtimes for your whole family. And make storytime magical.


Our Awards

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