Too Many Rabbits
Paper Book

Too Many Rabbits



Author: Davide Calì
Illustrator: Emanuele Benetti
Translator: Angus Yuen-Killick
Ages: 1-4
Format: 28 Pages, Board Book
Language: English
Grade Level: Preschool & up
Publisher: ‎Red Comet Press (March 14, 2023)

After a month of pleading, Dad finally takes Owen and Zoey to the pet store to adopt a rabbit. Once there, a two-for-one special offer just cannot be ignored; so they take home two rabbits-one male and one female. Two rabbits make more rabbits, who then make even more rabbits, and soon there are just too many of the sweet little creatures. So begins a hilarious counting adventure as Owen and Zoey find homes for all of the rabbits.

Full of little 'Easter eggs' hidden in the art, Too Many Rabbits is a mirthful reminder to be careful of what you wish for and a hilarious lesson in chaos control for young readers.

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