Disney's 101 Dalmatians

Disney's 101 Dalmatians


 Author: Disney Book Group

Illustrator: Disney Storybook Art Team

Publisher: Disney Books Worldwide

Product Description

Make story time an experience to remember with Moonlite and Disney's 101 Dalmatians. The award-winning Moonlite storybook projector (not included) For your smartphone makes reading even more special. Add Disney's 101 Dalmatians to your Moonlite collection and introduce your child to a story about a litter of Dalmatian puppies who are abducted by the minions of Cruella de Vil, the parents must find them before she uses them for a diabolical fashion statement! Slide in the picture disc and use the free app to read along to beautiful projected illustrations and create a truly immersive reading experience with the in-app sound effects! As kids hear the story of Disney's 101 Dalmatians, they'll develop their language skills, creativity, and a love of reading and learning. For more stories, look for all the Moonlite picture discs to stock your bookshelf (each sold separately).


1 Picture Disc
1 Activation Card
1 Quick Start Guide

Bullet points

READ AGAIN AND AGAIN: It’s always story time with tales from the Moonlite library! Read Disney's 101 Dalmatians to your child morning, noon, or night, and enjoy the picture discs again and again.

EASY-TO-USE PORTABLE STORYBOOK PROJECTOR: Disney's 101 Dalmatians comes alive with Moonlite! Clip the easy-to-use projector onto your smartphone (not included), slide in one of Moonlite’s Picture Discs and project vibrant images onto any surface! Moonlite is lightweight and small enough to carry with you wherever you go.

DEVELOP A LOVE OF LEARNING: Adored by children and adults, award-winning Moonlite and the Picture discs create an immersive reading experience that instills a love of learning at a young age. As kids follow along to their favorite stories, they develop their imagination, creativity, and language skills.

The Moonlite Disney's 101 Dalmatians picture discs works with the Moonlite storybook projector (not included) and makes a great gift for kids aged 3 and up. Make stories shine with Moonlite!