Nobody Likes Bedtime
Paper Book

Nobody Likes Bedtime



Author: Karen Kilpatrick
Illustrator: Germán Blanco
Ages: 3-7
Format: 32 Pages, Hard Cover
Language: English
Grade Level: Preschool & up
Publisher: ‎Genius Cat Books (September 20, 2022)

When a squeamish sleeper is determined to prove that bedtime is the worst, will books, snuggles, and the promise of sweet dreams change her mind? Is it possible that nobody likes bedtime because it?

Even your most reluctant sleepers will enjoy this rollicking read as they learn about the benefits of bedtime. Snuggle in and prepare to slide into sleep with this laugh-out-loud, imaginative read with a bonus section about fun bedtime facts at the end! Did you know that some birds can fly while sleeping? Or that humans can sleep with their eyes open?!

Nobody Likes Bedtime is a sure-to-be favorite for any bedtime routine.

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