Moonlite Storybook Monthly Subscription - Month 8

Curious George, Hansel & Gretel, We're All Wonders, Toy Story - Toys that Go Bump in the Night, Wherever You Go


Month 8 Stories:

  • Frozen Across the Sea
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • Winnie the Pooh: Bounce With Me
  • Llama Llama
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Open the Moonlite App

How it works

Open the Moonlite App

Align the Moonlite

How it works

Clip the projector to your phone (see supported devices)

Pop a story disk into the Moonlite projector

How it works

Pop a story disk into the Moonlite Projector

Begin projecting and start your magical storytime!

How it works

Begin projecting and start your magical storytime!

Finally … A Winning Bedtime Routine

I could never get my kids to go to sleep until I discovered Moonlite.
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Story FAQ

What is included in the Story Details?

The Story Details include a summary of the book, author and illustrator details, and copyright information.

How do I turn the sounds on/off?

They cannot be turned off. There are 3 sounds to choose from, or turn your phone volume off or all the way down.

What do I do if I still cannot hear any sounds?

Turn your phone volume up.

How do I adjust the brightness?

Open your story and then press the sun icon in the lower left corner. Then, adjust Screen Brightness & Projection Brightness.

What does the blue circle around the text mean?

That indicates the story word that has a sound. Press the word to hear the sound.

How do I exit the story?

Press the screen and then the X button in the top left corner to exit the story.


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Save $$$

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Free Shipping

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