First 100 Words
Paper Book

First Words 100 Bilingual English+Spanish



Author: Andre Campos

Age: 1-4

100 First Words takes readers on a visual journey through the awes and wonders of exploring the world and learning your first words. Peppered with colorful hand-drawn imagery, this book will keep readers big and small engaged from start to finish as it takes them through 100 key vocabulary words in both English and Spanish.

Essential Words ― help your child’s vocabulary grow, with a variety of everyday words presented in both English and Spanish.

Unique artwork ― every character is hand drawn, colorful and unique. Which is sure to keep readers engaged!

Pronunciation Guide ― downloadable bilingual pronunciation guide, to help readers big and small learn a new language.

Personal Connection ― This isn’t your average bilingual 100 first words book. This book was made with love, by NYT bestselling Mexican-American artist, Andrea Campos, who knows firsthand just how beautiful being bilingual can be.

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